Sanctuary BookThis stunning photographic odyssey spanning two-dozen extraordinary animal and habitat sanctuaries throughout the world is a celebration of the whole “sanctuary movement.” Sanctuary embraces the rescue and rehabilitation of abused “farm animals” in the United States, of bears, wolves and an old forest in Europe, Asian elephants and tigers, rare orchids and other species in India, orangutans in Borneo, butterflies in Malaysia, rare plants in Yemen and cheetahs in South Africa.

From Namibia to Bhutan, Sanctuary magnificently underscores the basic compassion and strategic ethics at the heart of 21st century animal rights and biodiversity conservation.

Written and Photographed by Michael Tobias
and Jane Gray Morrison
Foreword by Her Majesty Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck, Queen of the Fourth King of Bhutan.
A Dancing Star Foundation Book,
San Francisco and Tulsa: Council Oak Books.

      Dead Sailor's Eye Picture
      A rare form of sea algae, Dead Sailor’s Eye, as they are referred to, is discovered by Dr. Michael Scholl and team off the coastline of Socotra, Yemen. Photo Courtesy of Dr. Michael Scholl.


Paying tribute to those safe havens where life can flourish in peace, this handsome volume introduces us to 24 nature and wildlife sanctuaries in 20 countries around the world. . . . Highly recommended for environmental collections.
— Library Journal Review

This beautiful coffee table book is a visual and textual homage to the preservation of the natural world and to the individuals, worldwide, who protect it. . . . This book gives us some evidence for hope.
— Shambhala Sun

What these protected areas share is the critical and timely lesson that celebrating nature may be the key to our future survival as a species, not to mention the survival of millions of other species that share this miraculous planet . . .
— Mindfood Magazine

. . . far from a tome of doom and gloom, SANCTUARY celebrates living examples of one of humanity’s highest callings to transform modern societies based on extraction and exploitation into a unified global culture of economic and ecological restoration.
— 2 Magazine