The Metaphysics of Protection:
Conservation and the History of Idealism

By Michael Charles Tobias and Jane Gray Morrison
A Dancing Star Foundation Book

In The Metaphysics of Protection, Tobias and Morrison examine cross-disciplinary rudiments of nurturance as this instinct and/or learned behavior has affected whole civilizations, cultures, communities and individuals.

Pictures of other culturesExamining ancient Greek and Roman sources, Asiatic spiritual traditions, German idealism and the rise of ethology (zoosemiotics), Tobias and Morrison consider countless scenarios and data sets that go to the core of the biological crisis that has long afflicted the vast wellsprings of biodiversity, but never more so than today. In a deeply affecting, personal and broad-minded series of reflections, Tobias and Morrison explore many of the components of that essential mystery enshrouding our species as we collectively and individually attempt to find our way out of the seemingly impossible double-bind environmental morass inhibiting a truly unconditional love.

From Parmenides and Aristotle; from Ovid to Thoreau, the Authors look at 20th century paleo-anthropology, Hugh Lofting and his remarkable predecessor, Dr. John Hunter, whose natural history collection would serve as a central icon for British zoological studies of the 19th century. The book considers fascinating case studies in Oklahoma and Cuba. And in an essay treating of humanity’s relationship to waterfalls Tobias and Morrison lead us on a surprising search throughout the world for that quintessential mystery which waterfalls elicit in human beings; a relationship that is viewed as emblematic of our species’ deep connection to nature and biodiversity.

Tobias and Morrison make it clear that there are no biological impediments that should deter the human heart in its struggle to galvanize our species towards a better world for habitat and for each and every one of us.

For Release in the Fall, 2011.