Ahimsa DVDDSF is proud to re-release this historic documentary, produced during the mid‐1980s. “Ahimsa” (which means non-violence or non-interference in Sanskrit) was the first major documentary to explore the spiritual/ecological world of the Jains. It premiered on Public Broadcasting throughout the U.S. in 1987 on Christmas Day. Subsequently, it was viewed in many other countries, at festivals and museums throughout the world, but has been unavailable for many years, until now. Produced by Ms. Marion Hunt, and released as a DVD with Direct Cinema Ltd., and the kind collaborative assistance of Rocky Mountain PBS (formerly KRMA-Channel 6/PBS‐Denver). Dancing Star Foundation wishes to convey a Special thanks to Ms. Donna Sanford, Director of Programming and Production at Rocky Mountain… Continue reading

Mad Cowboy

Mad Cowboy DVDMad Cowboy” is a deeply emotional odyssey that follows the life of Howard Lyman, a 4th generation Montana cattle rancher, turned vegan. He left the family farm, ran for Congress and devotes his life to agricultural and animal rights reforms. Lyman was one of the first whistle-blowers to bring Mad Cow Disease to the attention of the public. With new cases of BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) occurring and countries on the lookout for any number of feared global pandemics, like avian flu, the reality of species barriers breaking down and transmissible diseases between species gaining public attention has reached a near fever pitch, from China to Southeast Asia; from the New World tropics, to… Continue reading

No Vacancy

No Sanctuary DVDShould current trends in world population continue, the numbers of human beings on earth could more than double, reaching the staggering total of 13 billion at some point in the 22nd century. A population explosion of that size would be result in an ecological catastrophe both for humans as well as for most biodiversity.

No Vacancy” bravely dares to express optimism in a culture much more used to viewing population as an unsolvable dilemma with little or no possibility of a reversal. Bob Gillespie, a noted family planning professional travels the planet in search of information and answers, offering an extraordinary view of some remarkable changes that are happening in nation after nation… Continue reading


Hotspots DVDBased “HOTSPOTS Revisited: Earth’s Biologically Richest And Most Endangered Terrestrial Ecoregions,” the amazing book by Russell A. Mittermeier, et.al.1, this expeditionary documentary feature film demonstrates the many conservation efforts that are succeeding throughout the world; and what is necessary — in the real world — to ensure a sustainable future for life on planet Earth. Locations in Chile, Madagascar, Peru, Brazil, New Zealand, and the U.S. were selected as vital representatives of the 35 terrestrial hotspots currently identified by scientists working at Conservation International. The film unveils a myriad of primates, rodents, avians, amphibians, bats, insects, unique plants, reptiles, and human cultural artifacts, some of which have never been previously filmed. Several new species are… Continue reading