Ahimsa DVDDSF is proud to re-release this historic documentary, produced during the mid‐1980s. “Ahimsa” (which means non-violence or non-interference in Sanskrit) was the first major documentary to explore the spiritual/ecological world of the Jains. It premiered on Public Broadcasting throughout the U.S. in 1987 on Christmas Day. Subsequently, it was viewed in many other countries, at festivals and museums throughout the world, but has been unavailable for many years, until now. Produced by Ms. Marion Hunt, and released as a DVD with Direct Cinema Ltd., and the kind collaborative assistance of Rocky Mountain PBS (formerly KRMA-Channel 6/PBS‐Denver). Dancing Star Foundation wishes to convey a Special thanks to Ms. Donna Sanford, Director of Programming and Production at Rocky Mountain Public Television, and Mitchell Block, head of Direct Cinema, Ltd.

Ahimsa: Non-Violence is the first documentary to explore the traditions and practices of Jainism, an extraordinary religion whose adherents put into action their deep belief in nonviolence toward all living things. This commitment to ahimsa in all thought and deed leads the Jains not only to be strict vegetarians, but to take an active humanitarian role in caring for all animals. Mahatma Gandhi adopted ahimsa as a fundamental principle, as did Buddhism itself.

      Dancing Star Foundation president Michael Tobias talks about “the path to non-violence,” or how we can begin incorporating the Ahimsa principles into our own lifestyle.

Ahimsa: Nonviolence examines this ancient and extremely subtle religion from the inside, providing a rare and intimate look at the people, the customs and the religious practices of the Jains. Featuring a fascinating panorama of both ritual and daily life shot throughout India, the film’s poignant interviews and thoughtful commentary make this an indispensable introduction for anyone interested in the Jain way of life. It is a magnificent overview of a comprehensive philosophy that offers hope and peace for the world.

Running time: 59 minutes, Year released: 2009
Close captioned?: N, Color?: Y
Avail. formats: dvd
ISBN: 9781559748209
Language: English, Subtitled?: N
For classroom?: Y, Study Guide?: N
Grade level: 10th and up

Other Credits:

Written, Directed and Executive Produced by Michael Tobias
Produced by Marion Hunt